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Question LC4 Suspension: To revalve, or not to revalve?

I'm torn.

There's no doubt that the springs on my 640 Adv are too soft for my 215 or so pounds. I'm sure that changing to stiffer springs and fresh oil would be significant improvement, and there is so much damping adjustment available that revalving simply because the springs are stiffer shouldn't be necessary, especially if I go with heavier than stock oil.

I've never had the suspension on a dirt or dual-sport bike revalved, so I haven't experienced the difference. Some people say it can make the bike more plush and more bottoming-resistant, but I wonder if it's worth the expense and down time for a dualsport bike that's not going to be raced.

Right now, the bike handles bigger hits better than smaller bumps, at least until it bottoms. Most of my riding is dirt roads that can be fast and/or bumpy, or rough, rocky trails. I haven't gotten big air with it, but I imagine it wouldn't be hard to bottom out, since I can practically bottom the front end with the front brake on pavement.

OK, now I'm rambling. Any of you guys have experience with revalved suspension on one of these bikes, versus just changing the springs? Is the extra $300-$400 for the revalving worth it?

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