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Originally Posted by dc1
Lets hear some REAL answers from the "proffessionals" and save a bike and calm down a rider
I'll give it a try. Not normal but not unheard of. I had an R12GS land on my bench that would over heat anytime the temps were above 85f. The motor was a golden brown. The customer stated the bike had always run hot. I too thought the thermostat might have been bad or improperly installed. When I removed the thermostat it was dry . Looking further the oil cooler was dry also. As it turns out BMW did not drill an oil passage in the block for the oil to go to the cooler. Since the bike was still in warranty (35500 miles on it) we ordered a new short block.
To check you thermostat get a digital laser temp probe and read the oil cooler lines when the bike hits "normal" operating temp the lines should begin to warm. If they stay only a few deg above ambient temp. you have found your problem.
Hope this helps.
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