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Originally Posted by Poolside

What do you mean, are you thinking that will damage the ECU? I can tell you that as far as an ECU input is concerned, the absence of a signal is the same as the presence of a signal. 'No signal' merely reads as 'no signal'.

A variable signal, including a zero signal, on the TPS and O2 sensor inputs is perfectly normal. The Motronic handles those signal changes live, just like when the throttle is moved.

Maybe you're thinking that it's generally a good idea to not reach down and unplug the ECU while you're riding? I can get that as a good sort of caution. But heck man, how else can I find out what happens until I try it? So far I haven't crashed from unplugging the TPS and O2 sensors, while riding.
It was meant as a caution for those who may not know that it is better to be safe than sorry (as in not tempt Mr. Murphy and possibly kill the ECU). Pulling a sensor cleanly out of the circuit usually isn't a problem (there are exceptions), but if done in a 'dirty' manner, well it isn't pretty…

Besides you (and I) are technologically aware and proficient. Fools such as us take much for granted and if we fry a component, well, we chalk it up to experience.

And yeah it probably won't result in a dead engine but if it does you aren't going anywhere until the moronic brain has a transplant ($$).

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