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Originally Posted by WARRIORPRINCEJJ

I have been in the OC for a little while now, and noticed that (to the best of my knowledge) there is no specific thread where an SE owner can ask a quick question or two (short of starting an entirely new thread for each and every subject). I have posted a coupla' of questions in the 950 SE Photo Thread, but never felt right about doing it.

When I owned my DR650SE, I could go to the DR650 thread, and ask about almost anything. Within five minutes, there were usually three to four responses (like the OC, great bunch of guys over there). So, I wanted to start a similar thread, in the OC, where SE pilots could ask a question or two...whether they were in the middle of a project (and encountered a problem), or just wanted the SE gurus to weigh-in on a strange behavior or issue.

I know that redundancy is met pretty harshly. So, if I am wrong, and a thread like this already exists, I hope that the Mods. will toast this one.

And, for good measure, I will start it off...

I recently pulled-apart the SE to check all the carb. and airbox venting, and complete the H2W jetting. When I did so, I came-across some things about which I wanted to inquire.

1. There is a female connector, between the cylinders, that resembles the horn connectors. It has a transparent blue rubber cover, and appears to be disconnected from a corresponding male connector that is screwed into the front cylinder. What are they...and are they supposed to be connected?

2. There are two hoses that are connected to what I could call the intake manifold area, on the right side. One hose has a screw placed in it, and the other was attached to the right, bottom of the airbox. I assume that the Dealer did this during the SAS/Canisterectomy. Are they supposed to be done that way?

3. How do you adjust the floats in the carbs.?

Thanks in advance...

1. I think is your oil pressure switch, hook it back up.

2. Plug or cap them both, leave a little length in the hose and leave them easy to get at for balancing your carbs. Pretty shitty work if I'm reading this right since the bottom of the airbox is where the dirty air is.
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