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dogsslober and triplenickel,

Thanks so much for your responses. They probably don't seem like much on your end. However, they are a HUGE help to someone like me.

Originally Posted by dogsslober
...3.carefully bend the little tabs that touch the float neddles
I looked-over the float area pretty well. I didn't see anything that I felt comfortable "carefully" bending. ds, I don't know if you will be seeing this post...However, are you talking about the two little pieces of "wire" that look like the metal inside of a bread tie?

Originally Posted by triplenickel
...2. Plug or cap them both, leave a little length in the hose and leave them easy to get at for balancing your carbs...
I was mistaken, tn. The one on the rear has about 12 inches of hose attached to it, and is plugged with a screw of some sort. The one on the front has about 16-18 inches of hose attached to it, and was hooked to the airbox. However, upon closer inspection, it was hooked to an inch-long nub that is attached to the right, rear, upper edge of the airbox bottom. The nub is not a vent of any kind, just a (approximately) one-inch plastic extension of some sort. The hose was attached to it with a hose clamp.

Originally Posted by triplenickel
...Pretty shitty work if I'm reading this right since the bottom of the airbox is where the dirty air is.
While I may have been mistaken about the mounting of the hose, you are absolutely correct about shitty work. That is the only reason why I (a complete mechanical dumbass) decided to undertake this mess. I can't trust my dealer, and am sick of paying so much for substandard work.

I do a lot of my own maintenance on my 300, and have discovered some of the stuff that they have tried to get-away with on it. At this point, I am not sure that I would trust my dealer to put gas in my bike.

So, as I've stated before, "Thanks" to everyone for the help.

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