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Originally Posted by WARRIORPRINCEJJ
2. There are two hoses that are connected to what I could call the intake manifold area, on the right side. One hose has a screw placed in it, and the other was attached to the right, bottom of the airbox. I assume that the Dealer did this during the SAS/Canisterectomy. Are they supposed to be done that way?
From this and your updated description, these are indeed the vacuum lines from the inlets. Their primary use is for balancing the carbs. I use the rear cyclinder spigot for activating my Scottoiler (which is great) and the front one is stopped on the nub at the back of the airbox as yours is. It should be a tight fit not requiring a hose clamp but it wouldn't hurt to have one. Be sure to seal these two pipes well as any leaks will make your engine run like crap!

The manual advises a carb balance every major service, which could be every other year! I would do it much more often as it make the low engine speed pick up much more friendly and generally smooths things out to have the carbs well balanced.

I bought a pair of dial gauges for about 35 which are ok but I intend to make a manometer to fine tune. The KTM workshop dial gauges are something like 250!!! Plenty of info on ADVrider and in the manual on how to balance and a good skill to learn. On the SE (or SM in my case) you need to remove the tank then reconnect the fuel pump power and hoses with the tank on a stand next to the bike so you can run the bike with the top of the airbox off. You may need to extend the high pressure fuel line to achieve this though.
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