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well I've had mine for 3 weeks now , you need to remember that this is a small bike. it will do 65 mph but the motor is at it's max...230 cc pulling a 245 pound rider.
likes-- this bike is small,light & low. ive had it to a duel sport rally last week... bike did great. but i don't have anything to compare it to because i've never been off road before. you read about the 1 st gear is to low,,, well street riding that might be the case,,but on the trail it was GREAT , I'm learning to ride off road and that gearing was perfect. standing up on the pegs going over rocks was great. for a rookie like myself it's a great bike.. if the bike is going to be for a small person. it 's great choice.
would i like more power sure, but this bike is what it is. a small 230 cc bike. getting 70 mpg. reason i like this bike is it's low to the ground, did a lot of leg saves rather then falling over. i know if i was on a 650 i would of ate a lot of dirt & hurt myself. plus it's a simple air cooled Honda.
also left the key on for an hour (dead battery ) ... so i just pushed started it. rode it 30 minutes to recharge the battery and all is good.
i think your wife would love this bike. my sister is small
5' 2 and the bike fit's her good.. shes just learning to ride. the smile on her face was big.
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