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Day 2

Day 2: ate Month="5" Day="29" Year="2010">May 29th, 2010ate>

We wake up somewhat early, around 7:30 and load the bikes. Big Bro leaves the room to check out the continental breakfast and reports back that we probably should eat somewhere else. So we leave the hotel and continue on our planned route and find a place to eat.

I think the food was pretty good. I was so hungry I didn’t really notice or care.

We continue east on Hwy. 6 until we get to Tupelo, MS. Here we get on the Natchez Trace. I’ve never ridden on the Trace before so this was a cool thing for me. Some day soon I plan on riding the Natchez Trace in its entirety but on the V-Star. We only traveled about 60 miles of the Trace until we reached Hwy. 72.

Not a bad peace of road. The Natchez Trace can be a three day trip of its own.

Big Bro

While we were riding on the Trace, we crossed over into Alabama.

Once we reached Hwy. 72 we exit the Natchez Trace and head east. As we’re rolling into Huntsville, AL I notice something unusual protruding through the horizon.

As we get closer I realize what it is. WOW! Wouldn’t that be a ride!

We continue northeast on Hwy. 72 and cross into Tennessee. After crossing into TN we turn east on Hwy. 41 and roll into Nick-A-Jack Lake outside of Chattanooga looking for a place to camp. Luckily they had some tent spaces available. So we setup camp.

After setting up camp we venture off to find some dinner. We stop at a local convenience store that appeared to be a biker hangout as well. They were friendly enough and recommended a catfish restaurant located about 5 miles up the road. And they did mention that we needed to be really hungry if we were gonna eat there. Catfish sounded perfect. So off we went. Followed their directions to the T and found it exactly as they said.

When the bikers said “be hungry”, they really meant it! We didn’t even order the all-u-can-eat dinner and still couldn’t finish our plates. And the food was absolutely excellent. I highly recommend this place if you’re nearby.

On the way back we took our time to absorb the views along the way.

Kudzu! Everywhere! Tennessee is literally covered with this stuff. I’ve read other ADVrider posts stating this but you just don’t get the magnitude of it until you see it for yourself.

An old power plant that is no longer in production. We talked to a guy who new the history of it but I forget. Maybe Big Bro can remember.

In route back to camp.

We make it back to camp. Big Bro stopped along the way and bought us each a 16 oz. beer but we were both too stuffed with catfish we couldn’t finish them. So we both just sat back and enjoyed the sunset before calling it a night.

Day two in the books. A total of 296 miles for the day.
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