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Sorry its taken me so long to update, its been very busy here.

We are basically running two parallel threads here now, because Im part of the Team Rally Wild West. Check out Dave's thread here.

Right now the team consists of Dave (GSNorCal), Phil (BicyclePhil) and myself. The other guys have basically all dropped out or joined other teams.

Right now we are in the throes of finalizing paperwork, organising support vehicles and mechanics etc. I've had a hell of a day trying to get a suitable van for the the support crew, and it seems very, very difficult indeed to find the right vehicle.

I just got our quote for shipping the bikes. We are flying them into Brasilia and shipping out of Fortaleza on the coast. While I recover from the shock of the cost and negotiate the van hire for the trip, I thought I would post a couple more pics and discuss some of the farkles and the JVO rally kit.

Charlie Rausseo (Lastplace) from Rally Panam has done a sterling job, this is their first Yamaha WR 450 rally build.

The seat was done by Renazco, another outstanding outfit in California. It had to be remoulded anyway because the stock seat does not fit the rear tank setup and the air intake in the front. It is very, very plush to sit on compared to the stock 450 KTM seat. I cannot comment on the Yammie seat, because I never got to use it!

The rear tank is nice, some storage space on top. The front subframe bracket has been welded to the bike because it broke when I was running it in. Its still detachable above the bracket on the stronger adjusting bolts, though.

In this pic you can also see the bash plate lying in front of the bike with the water tank/bladder fitted (a requirement only for the Dakar).

Here is a pic of the fuel pump (bottom left) for sucking the last couple of litres out of the front tanks, the new fuel filter, bigger radiator and radiatar fan.

Rear tank with heat cladding over the exhaust. In the front you can see the air filter. The airbox is a lot bigger and this will improve the engine performance as well. With the airbox up top, I will stress a lot less about getting water in the engine too.

The rear subframe with tank, spare air filter lying on top. I'll be fitting some of my spares and tools in there.

Additional rear lights fitted, they will be one permanently and bright when braking; this is an FIM requirement for most competitions.

Looking towards the front you can see how the air-intake has been re-routed as well as the petcock for the front and rear tanks.

Other photos of the JVO air box. Its really tight, we had to grind the end off the shock bolt to get it in.

And finally, the bigger front disc (I think this is the same size as the front disc on the Tenere - can anyone advize me?). Also we have started protecting key leads, in this case the ICO lead.

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