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Entering Mexico is always a sobering experience. Although Tecate is a much better place than Tijuana, the contrast in those few miles on each side of the border is quite shocking .

We took the 3 East and were looking for a dirt trail going south. Allen from Scuderia had told us about a great dirt road going in the mountain through the “National Park of the 1867 constitution”. However, Baja California Norte got quite a lot of rain this winter, just like its US counterpart and Elden had warned us about not taking that road because of all the big washouts in it. He recommended the one just west of it.

It was my first riding experience in Baja and despite all my readings I was not sure about what to expect and how a dirt road in the map would actually look on the terrain. And the not so detailed Garmin Word map was not too helpful either. Long story short, we never found the right trail and were wandering in minor and sandy trails for a while. It felt good though: no dust, no rain, everything was green and the group’s pace was fine (if only we were going “somewhere” ).

That's when Lone*Star decided to inaugure the first crash of the group (but not the last!).

As usual the bags are the first thing that suffers but this time there was also "this"

L*S working on his bike with all the (psychologic?) help of his companeros...

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