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The Espresso Fetcher (Guzzi 850 Project)

After a few years with Beemers, i thought it was due time to get back to an Italian ride. So I listed my Gulf-BMW R75/6 Cafe Racer on the norwegian equivalent of craigslist and the next day a guy called and wondered if a swap with a Guzzi-project would be interesting.

Well - after a couple of days and some money exchanged (in my favour ) the BMW left, and this one arrived:

A stripped mid-eighties T5 with a lot of goodies on the side.
Most noticeably a 43mm Showa USD off a 1999 Suzuki GSX-R1000 with accompanying 17 inch rims. I was originally thinking of doing a classic cafe racer again, but I felt that with the modern fork and rims, it would end up a bit to far from my vision of a classic cafe racer. So after a while, i decided to go for a more modern variety, but still very much inspired of the cafe racer style.

After I posted a picture of the project in the Cafe Racer tread, Lornce came up with the term "Espresso Fetcher" - hence the name of the project.

When ready, the T5 will be transformed to "the Espresso Fetcher"

First ting, the Rental bar sitting on the bike went straight off, and back on with clip-ons. Since I've already had decided to leave the narrow road ( to the cafe ), I went for some street-fighter inspired styling elements - Dual round headlights, with a small fly-screen ( never been a big fan of 'fighters, but I think that in this setting it will work)...

I found a Ducati 916-style seat/tail in one of the boxes of parts, and after some tinkering to find the right angle, I decided that it would fit my vision:

I like to decide on colors/design of the bike quite early in the project(kind of helps me focused) - thought for a while of going for all orange, but could not bring my self to paint that beautiful aluminum tank ( from the Tank Shop in UK), so after some fiddling with photoshop, this is the color scheme I'm going for:

Well, thats kind of the story so far - I'll keep you posted as the project moves on (if anyone bothers to listen )

to be continued...
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