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I test rode the S10 in West Aus today...

I have been discussing this bike with my local Yamaha dealer (also personal friend) and we have both been eagerly awaiting its delivery to Perth. Well it came in yesterday and was pd'd this morning just in time for me to throw a leg over it for a 30km ride in three sections.

To back track two weeks ago, I managed to secure a demo 2010 BMW GSA for the weekend and put over 700kms on it before taking it back to the dealer on monday.
I very much enjoyed the weekends riding but was a little put off by the very tall seat (although I am 5'11" with long legs) and the enormous weight specially with the tank filled for a 500km stint.

The Super Tenere exhibits none of that feeling of being a heavy weight...
It has a more comfortable seat, less vibrations, feels like more grunt (although I didnt feed it too much because the bike is not run in).
Ergonomics felt better and more planted on the road under exceleration coming onto the freeway on ramps... One area where the GSA would wobble its head as the front end unloaded.
Ohh, and it feels SHIT-LOADS lighter..

I was so impressed with the S10 that I placed the order as soon as I got back to the bike shop and topped it up with the full house of goodies,, heated grips, front bar, aux lights three luggage boxes and liner bags, headlight cover, tank cover, tank bag, alloy case pan... etc etc.

I wish I could write more but I am not the journo type and for the life of me cannot upload the pics that I took while I was out today.

If you have been waiting for these to arrive (like I have) before choosing between the adventure tourers on offer, you simply must test ride one of these.... I will just about bet that you will choose the Yamaha over the BMW.

P.S - Im getting a bit of a sweet deal from the mate on the S10, but even if I was to compare the normal price of this bike (S10 with all the fruit) compared to the 2010 BMW GSA the price in Perth would be:
Yahama with 3 boxes + heated grips + guards, lights, and pan $AU24,000 taxes paid ride away.
BMW GSA same level of appointment $AU34,000. Go figure..

I dare you to ride both, and buy the Beemer...

Did I mention how much lighter the S10 feels compared to the BMW?


P.S - How the Ferk do you post pics???
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