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new Woody's wheels on my KTM SER

Woody told me it would make a big difference in the handling of my SER and boy is he right. I just converted from the stock 21/18 wheels to a new set of Woody's 19/17. I'd read all the posts and even went to his plant in Denver last month as I was passing through town to see his operation and especially how they seal the wheels.

I'm a natural skeptic and couldn't believe that a simple change in wheel size could make that much of a difference in braking and road handling. I put these 19/17 wheels on yesterday and did a 100 mile loop this morning on some of the best roads in Texas. Amazing difference. The bike feels like it is a super-moto-dirt-bike on steroids. I'm an old guy but with this change I'm riding like I did several years ago.

Don't want to sound like I'm a shill for Woody's but all the claims he has made about the difference in ride-ability by changing wheels is no B.S. It's all true. Try it for yourself. I'm damn glad I did. By the way, look in the flea market if you want to buy a set of 21/18 used wheels. I just put mine up for sale.
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