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Originally Posted by Plaka
I like leaving my gloves on the cylinders to stay toasty when I gotta take a whizz. I like never having cold feet. I like riding with one foot slightly in front of the other when they're both square on the pegs. I like weak electrical systems. I like ugly and difficult to clean cast wheels with stupid valve stem placement. I like the best fairing ever made----still. I like worthless rear disc brakes. I like taking the front wheel off to get the rear wheel off. I like annoying the cognoscenti with loud pipes. I like having trouble finding tires. I like envious glances. I like the underseat storage. I like blowing up alternator rotors. I like people thinking I have a clue. I like taking off a a 350 mile run with full tanks, no money, no credit cards and no worries about arriving at the end of the day. I like watching it turn over 100K. I like people being surprised it's 27 years old. I like smooth motors. I like being able to swap out main jets in a parking lot faster than I can drink half a Coke. I like hanging out in the shade and waiting for the people standing around looking at the bike to go away so I don't have to talk to them. I like popping a float bowl and having a little gas to get the campfire going. I like being able to understand everything. I like feeling elite. I like low centers of gravity. I like prima donna mechanics. I like getting pulled over by a CHP on an 1150 and asking him if he wants to try the real thing. I like weird highly un-ergonomic switch gear. I like being able to start it with a nail if you lose the key. I like being able to tear into any system with just the decent factory tool kit (except the sucky screwdriver and pliers). I like sleeze eBay sellers and low quality repro parts. I like mirrors that let me keep track of my arms---always. I like the factory air pump on it's own frame brackets. I like sidecovers held on with a rubber band. I like going to the Suzikawayamahoppy dealer and not being in the computer. I like slapping on Volvo parts that work better and cost less. I like dual plugging and still only having to buy 4 plugs. I like changing my oil too often. I like drama ridden gurus. I like stainless brake disks. I like 7 marque emblems---stock. I like having room to improve things. I like the factory cable lock in the frame tube to hide the dope. I like two owners manuals for the same model with different wiring diagrams. I like antique fuses so deeply burried it takes 20 min to get down to them. I like mystery stripes on the headlight glass. I like big fuel tanks. I like more metal than plastic. I like funky little push greasers. I like manual petcocks. I like having a stuffed animal strapped on top and not feeling stupid. I like loud horns. I like people coming up at rest areas and asking you to take their picture because they figure you're ok. I like cam surfaces built into the swing arm to break the axle free when pulling the wheel. I like having it spread around the yard and bumming the landlady who figues it'll be there a month and then putting it back together and riding away in 3 hours. I like esoteric aftermarket parts a PO fitted that can't be found anymore.

I like riding back-in-the-day...



It's the first bike I ever rode on in my life. I rode it to work today.

It's the first bike that my kids rode on in their lives.

It's the only bike I've ever won any road races on.

It's a part of me, even though it's a machine.

It satisfies my soul, ride after ride.

The sound it makes at 5K RPM in an uphill sweeper is sacred music.

Even after 16 years, it still feels perfectly right.

Geez, I love my Airhead!
"I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on Earth."

Steve McQueen

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