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over 40 years riding, over 20 different bikes, the airheads will probabally be my last

my current ,just finished 85 R80RT is my 3rd airhead, and I love it, its got a whole 73 miles since "restoration"
I have no plans on getting rid of this one, I love it

simple yet elegant

I think Oak summed up riding bmw's best in a recent airmail

1) Id rather be riding my motorcycle and thinking of god then sitting in church thinking about my motorcycle
2) Four wheels move the body; 2 wheels move the soul
3) Life may begin at 30, but doesnít get real interesting until 75mph
4) Midnight bugs taste just as bad as noon time bugs
5) Sometimes it takes a whole tank of gas to think straight
6) A bike on the road is worth 2 in the shed
7) The only good view of a thunderstorm is in your review mirror
8) Young riders pick a destination and go: old riders pick a direction and go
9) When your riding lead donít spit
10) Catching a yellow jacket in your helmet can double your vocabulary
11) If you cant get it going with bungee cords and duct tape, its serious
12) Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the window
13) Iíve never seen a motorcycle parked at a psychiatrists office
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