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This might be my new favorite thread![/quote]


I just picked up my airhead in April. It was a long, long search but the right one came up at the right time...
Ive been on bikes for 25+ yrs. Ive had a bunch and the only one that HAD a "hold" on my soul was my first- 79 Honda Twinstar.. It's the only bike I have kept... It doesnt run now but it was what I learned on. It'll go to my son (it ll run by then )
Every other bike that came and went didnt really measure up to that twinnie. Then a mate came by with his R65. I knew of the "airhead" in my Ninja days (early 90's) but dismissed them as quirky old mens bikes. You know the type, men with big white beards, funny hats and drinking weird beers I couldnt pronounce.
But something happened. I was getting tired of new fangled, faster, user un-servicable technomarvels that cost an arm and a leg. Also riding a bike should stir the soul. Shit it should stir the soul just staring at it and I was missing that in the newer bikes. (Hinckley Bonneville excepted)
I also started drinking "weird" beer.
Time was right.
My 1978 R100S was sold to me by one of those bearded type's. A very nice man who loved this bike. He'd been on bikes for 45+ yrs. He cant ride anymore as old bones wont allow. He was sad but knew it was time to let it go. He wanted the bike to go to a good home. We spoke for 2 hrs before we shook hands. I wanted to speak to him. Learn more. Let him know that I was keeping this bike. It was going to be taken care of and not flipped for a profit...
There were teething problems, but I fixed them. I had to as money is tight for these things. So I go about using it as a commuter and grocery getter.
The real test was this past weekend. Just shy of a 1000 kilometers in 3 days on some marvelous VT and NY roads.
The bike ran like a dream. Everything I could have wanted and expected from this bike was given to me with no reserve.
This bike stirs my soul (and others as people always come up to say hi and mention their own airhead stories).
So I will keep this bike and good fortune willing my son will own it.

"Best thing though, is I can just sit and stare at it with a big fat cigar in my yap and have that shit eatin grin.."
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