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Apostle2 has done a great job of telling the experience of Deal's Gap and Cherohala Skyway and I'll just say I agree to all of it. My WR250R was a blast on the Dragon and as far as the Skyway goes...its beautiful but bring rain gear.

Here are some random photos

First sections of extended dirt road.

These guys can be really fast if they need to be.

You don't want to miss the road here!

Bridge over the Duck river at Manchester, TN.

Middle Tennessee has lots of horse farms.

We drove thru Amish country. How these folks have remained in but seperated form the modern technology crazed society amazes me. You will dodge lots of horse exhaust on the roads and then pass a farm where they are stacking hay with a brand new lookling John Deere.

We did have a handful of creek crossings.

Looks simple enough huh?

Very deceiving. Slick as snot it was!

No real damage other than a tweaked foot peg and wet socks and underwear. Not to worry. We are hillbillies after all and we improvised.

Our mother would be so proud.

Tennessee has mostly paved or chip and seal roads which many on the forum seem to see as a demise but I loved them except where they chose to just throw gravel over broken up pavement or to fill potholes or washouts. Nothing quite tightens the sphincter muscle like coming around the bend in full lean at 50 mph and find your front wheel rolling across marbles. Oh shit just doesn't adequately express the ...tension.

The gravel roads began in earnest after crossing into Mississippi but that is not to say all the Mississsipi roads were gravel. There just isn't as much pavement. Arkansas, for the most part is gravel.

There were three bridges (counting the dam at Great Falls) that required a re-route. We cheated on this one as it looked plenty sturdy enough and we could see where other motorcycles had passed and besides that, our next intersection was within sight and a re-route meant five miles of go around.

Typical chip and seal "back road" in Tennessee going thru a nice shady spot.

Very sweet stretch of road!

We dealt with rain the first couple of days but by the time we got out ot TN we began to deal with the dust with the exception of eastern Mississippi.

This even helps soggy bottoms feel a little better.

Middle Tennessee.

The road went right thru the middle of this dairy farm. We picked up an aroma that stayed with us for a day or two here.

Tree farmers are a patient lot. Anyone know this species?

This whole trip I was reminded just how drastically the TVA changed the lives of the people who lived here prior to the great electrification.

They definately grasped the concept of working with the natural surroundings and creating recreational opportunities.

At first we looked at this obstacle as a downer but the drive around the lake took us through a neat little town and recreational area.

This dam is at the other end of the lake from the power plant in the above pictures. They actually bored a hole through the rock for the turbine feed pipe on the other end of the lake when they had all these gates with water to drive turbines right here at the man made dam. This puzzles me.

More scenic stuff.

Ever wonder how towns get thier names? Americana at its finest.

Bridge over the Duck River at Manchester, TN.

The Sweet Cheeks definatley saved the day but I'll bet my gelpad will fit just about perfectly on top of it for next time. The Sweet Cheeks makes the seat lots wider but does nothing as far as making it a little softer.

Good eats here.

I passed up several of these tree tunnels that were denser than this one before I decided I'd better snap a pic before I run out of them.

I'll bet this person played with "Lincoln Logs" as a kid. I love log houses.

The Illinois Central Rail southbound. If you stand real still and quiet, you can almost feel the ghostly rumble of "The City of New Orleans" as she rolls "thru the Mississippi darkness, rollin' down to the sea" (Steve Goodman)

Comin' back to homeground.

How hard is it to ride in a muddy rut? Ever tried to herd cats?

Alright, we made it Apostle2's place. I live a couple of miles away and today is my 22nd wedding anniversary so I'm thinkin' I'd better get on home. Seeya Bro.

The horses have proven themselves worthy.

Our longest day of riding.

My little WR250R has earned its Dragon's Wings.

All in all it was a great experience. I'm looking forward to more riding this fall in Colorado. Back to you Dave.
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