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I Love Mine!

I Love My 650-L ! I actually will get it running this weekend I hope. I put a new piston & rings in it over the winter. I had to put a new countershaft in it, so why not do a little maintence while the motor is down. I have put a Corbin Seat on mine (which is like Night/Day to all enduro seats) White Bros. complete exhaust, Jet Kit, K&N Filter, 5 gal.Tank, ..... I took mine on an 1,100 mi. trip to Va. in the Fall of 03 and had a BLAST. It's not the fastest, but will peg 105 + on the speed-o! I'm not one of those guys that Rev the motor and run the *#@*! out of a bike to prove it's fast. 105 is fast on a 650 to me My buddies 650 R would Dust my L, but so what. We don't race, we just ride. The "L" is a Great choice for a Big Bore Enduro, unless you'r just vain in heart & ego. Get One, You'll Love It!

"I aint no ruff guy, aint no tuff guy. Don't get out much, and don't dress up fly".......
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