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The Making of a Cross Canada Route

Ever wished there was a route across Canada? A group of us from (soon to be have decided to do just that. Seems simple, or so we thought. I've started this thread to chronicle the making of a cross country route.

I hope you enjoy reading about our "making of" story as it unfolds.
Where to begin? Canada is huge.....9.9 million square kilometers! The population of Canada is only about 31 million and the bulk of that is spread across the southern strip of the country that borders the United States. What does that mean to us? There is a whole lot of wilderness up here and some damn fine riding. Given the scope of this project and the reason I suspect it hasn't already been done is that taking on a project like this is.... well a bit overwhelming. We've decided to take this project on in two phases. Phase one will be the Eastern half of the country. Our goal is to have this half completed by the fall of 2011 (yikes that less than a year and a half away). The other reason to start this thread is as a motivator. It will make it much more embarrassing and shameful to back out now that we've made it public knowledge :)

The goal: To make a route across Canada that can be ridden by dual sport bikes that are loaded with gear.
The route will primarily be gravel back roads. Some days will have sections of off roading and some will have sections of pavement. Wherever possible we are trying to have as little pavement as possible but it becomes unavoidable at times.

We have chosen to do the bulk of the route as a road book. This decision wasn't an easy one to make. We all have gps's but we certainly wouldn't consider ourselves experts at using them. We spent a lot of time researching the different ways to make the route. Tracks or routes or roadbook? In the end we felt a road book will make it much more of a navagation challenge and really that's what we want. Following a green line on a screen seems to easy. Having maps and a roll chart just seems....well.....more "adventurous". We plan to have the eastern half of the route completed by next fall and it will be available as a free download from our site. We certainly aren't doing this to make money, but rather to share what we think Canada has to offer: good friendly people, tons of remote wilderness, long gravel roads, great off roading, an abundance of wildlife, a very diverse landscape, a safe place to travel and ..... good beer :)

A few pictures to get us started.

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