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OK, so it sounds like you heavier guys who just resprung wish you had revalved, too, at least the rear shock. Makes sense, since the factory setting on the compression damping for the rear is one click out from full stiff.

Now, I just need to decide who's gonna do the work.

I've talked to John Curea at MX-Tech East Coast Suspension, and feel really good about his operation. He gets lots of from the KTMtalk and ThumperTalk guys, too.

But, while talking to Gary Emig about other stuff, I learned that Emig Racing does revalving work also. Apparently his son Brian does the suspension work, but they don't list anything about it on the website. I feel pretty good about anything Gary does, and since he rides an LC4-E himself, they've probably got the settings for those suspension components pretty well dialed in.

The fact that they are a little cheaper ($150 per end v. $175) doesn't hurt. Also, he did all the setups on Jeff's bikes before Jeff got a factory ride, and Jeff was pretty successful (but he's prolly fast on a QA50).

I'm good with John Curea, but does anybody know anything about Emig's suspension services?

Flanny, any opinions?

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