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We've had an unusually warm spring here in this part of Canada, thanks Global warming

On April 2nd we headed out to do a recon mission of some of these trails. Things were wet but we had a great day. The weather was sitting at a comfy 30 degrees celcius (keep in mind we are typically riding our snowmobiles at this time of year).

A few of these trails made the route and others didn't. One of the big challenges in this portion of Ontario that we are running across is water. Many of the fun trails involve a water crossing. Our intent is to have this route be doable all season long, this means cutting out some really fun sections that become too deep during sapring and after heavy rains. Always in the back our minds are thoughts like, could a fully loaded bike manage this? Also there's a fine line between hardcore enduro and doable with a travel enduro bike. The suggested bike for this route will envitably be something between a 400 cc and a 990 cc on/off road bike. What about a big gs? I've seen some guys do some amazing things on one and for sure they'd have no issues but for the fellow who picks up a new shiny big bike at a dealership and heads out on this route ...... I don't think so

There will be many days of long gravel roads where the larger bikes will be in their element. The flip side is that there are going to be several back to back days where a small bike will be advantageous. I don't believe there is a perfect bike for this route.... and that's a good thing. Wrestling a fully loaded big bike through some of the terrain WILL be a challenge. Riding a small bike for thousands of miles of long remote gravel roads is in my opinion a challenge. There it is .... no brand preference, no size preference....heck we all know it's the rider and not the bike anyways
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