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Now that I've had the Renazco for a while and just recently spent a week on it with several long days (400+ miles) and plenty of off-road (from gravel sweepers to single track and everything in between) I figure it's time for a review.

On the road: The seat is fine for the first 100 miles but as the hours roll by it does become uncomfortable. I find the seat still has a slight downslope to it which with vibes and distance tends to result in a moto-wedgie. I also find the stitching, although visually appealing, causes a seam that digs in after a long while (by the 8th hour on the road).

Off road: Seat comfort isn't really an issue off-road as the seating position is so dynamic. The vinyl provides a good mix of grip and resilience to abuse. The narrow rally shape makes moving the bike underneath you easy and does not restrict leg movement.

What would I change?

I am likely going to send it back to James and have it re-upholstered in the recently available suede and also have James stick another half inch of foam in there for added comfort and to level the seat out even more. I'll also chat with him about the possibility of a gel insert.

This concludes my 3000 mile review of the relationship of my posterior anatomy and the Renazco.
Ride on.

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