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Originally Posted by el mirĂ³n
Why is the XR650L so ignored around here? It seems everyone rides KTM,KLR,or BMW. All great bikes,but I thought the XR was a pretty good D/S bike too. What gives, am I missing something, or should I just STFU and drink my beer?!
The XR650L has many well-known compromises and limitations. Big, heavy, slow, unsophisticated, etc. But it is inexpensive, reliable, and can go almost anywhere with a good rider.

STFU and drinking beer is good advice around here!

The wrong thing to do: A n00b, named "fstrnu" posted pics of his XR650L and bragged how it he could outride everyone, and how much better his bike was than the BMW GS'es, etc. He was immediately flamed into oblivion.

The right thing to do: I rode to the ADVrider event in Ouray on my old, ugly XR650L. When others asked what I rode, I was semi-apologetic, expecting them to make fun of my bike. But the reaction was "Cool! Did you ride it the whole way?" Ah, yeah, of course. No one told me my bike sucked, including Nachtflug.

P.S. I'm keeping my XR650L, and planning several long trips this summer.
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