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A few quesions for the inmates.
Being as how we are creating this route for others to ride, and I suspect that almost everyone who will ride this is a member or lurker on this forum, it seems appropriate to get your opinions and thoughts.

First is a name for this route. TCT (Trans Canada Trail) is the logical name but it's used by a hiking trail across this country. Anyone have any suggestions ?

Second..... We were thinking that this route or parts of it would be provided in a roadbook format. We want navagation to be a part of this as oppossed to just following a green line on your gps. For the more road orientated sections a gps file would be available as having a roadbook that says follow this road for 2000 km's didn't seem to make sense. Are we off here? Would you rather it just be in gps or does the combo make sense ? It's you folks that'll be riding it after all so what would you prefer ? We ran into issues with making a route for gps's as they only seem to work well for roads that are on a map. Tracks work well but not everyone has a gps that accepts tracks (me included).

One last question for much pavement is too much ? Staying away from pavement has been the goal and utilizing paved roads only as needed.....but this has the downside of hindering the route from seeing some pretty scenic and historic locations. We don't want to add to much pavement and take away from the "vision" of the route but I am curious as to what everyone thinks about this topic.

Lastly a huge thanks to the numerous pm's I've received. A lot of great suggestions and offers to help out with a section, offers to join us riding for a section, offers for a tent spot in a backyard and so on. I'm amazed and honoured......a HUGE thank you. It is a large undertaking but it will certainly be easier with your support. I've started a map with everyone's suggestions penciled on it. At the end of the day there is no way we can do them all, sadly. Please don't take offense if we don't use your suggested road-trail-etc, the route needs to be somewhat of an East-West route and can't end up looking like spaghetti on a map or it would take us too many years to ride it all and would be so long that no one would be able to fit it into one season, lol

Thanks in advance !
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