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Originally Posted by exoff-roadgoat
. . . some of the restaurants aren't even near good riding roads? Some of the places I wouldn't even ride my bike to. Roseville Mich.? Detroit? All good restaurants but.......? We need to do some nuke'n. There must be some metro HD riders muddying up your most excellent site.
The site is aimed at all riders - no matter where they may be. Even for our metro bretheren, there there are spots that just seem like a good place to ride to eat.

Like I say in my What makes an “RTE” spot? page:

It must be a spot that has something unique or wonderful about the combination of food, or the location, or the roads nearby, or the ambiance, or SOMETHING that makes it a great place to plan a ride around. Just being a great restaurant is not enough.
That's why I went to the trouble of making a rating system that includes rating the ride. So people planning a trip to an RTE destination they've never been to have a fair idea what to expect.

I guess I could have gone another way and tried to focus on "where to eat along the best riding roads". But I preferred to focus on restaurants that call to you to get on the bike and go there, for whatever reason, rather than only places for adventure riders or sport riders or any particular niche to get fed while playing.

But if you see a spot that has a ride rating higher than it should, please click on the pencil icon next to it and give your feedback! The quality of data in this list depends entirely on the riding community, and if someone over-rates a road, the check-and-balance is that you can add your opinion to the mix.

Or, just go to the maps page, look at your preferred state, and ignore the red dots in the metro areas when you are looking for new places to ride to eat.

Win win!

The main thing is, I need your input, whether it's adding new destinations, or updating existing ones. A few months ago only about a quarter of the locations were rated by actual riders. Now it's almost up to two thirds. I really would like to get it up to 100%.
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