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Originally Posted by exoff-roadgoat
Quote: just being a great restaurant is not enough........Thats what I'm talking about. Those good restaurants have nothing else to offer a biker, unless you want to cruise Woodward Av...... OK, your the boss, we'll do it your way.
I don't know where Woodward Ave is but I assume it's the sort of place you buy chicken strips, not one where you get rid of them.

So, are you honestly saying that if a rider takes the time to come to my site and enter a place they like to ride to eat, I should delete it if it's from a Metro area? Even if they rated the ride accurately as a 1 or 2 or whatever?

So long as they rate the roads fairly they should be welcome. Not all riders live near the good twisties. But many of us have a few nearby eateries we are more likely to go to when on 2 wheels than on 4.

I just looked at the data, and the average Road rating is 3.6. Many are rated 1 or 2. You think I should delete all of those?

I tell you what would be a help. If you can point out any "unreviewed" entries that are in a location that is not near good riding, just drop me a note and I'll put it first in line for the chopping block. I've already done that for the areas I am familiar with, but that leaves a lot of territory uncovered.
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