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Originally Posted by GrahamD
1) So what happened to.. "apply the rear brake first"?
2) He looks like he knows how to handle a bike off road. What's the rest of it about? Review or just informational?

It is informational and a review.


He likes the stabbility and precision and specially how easy it is to change direction and the front stabbility.
The guy is really impressed with the front of the bike. For him the best on the big-enduro class. Both rear and front suspension very good, + the fork really great. "The fork is allways precise, comfortable, stable and very, very reactive when riding hard". "It never looses his line, is precise and coherent".
The bike allows very good lean angles and feels very good doing them with nice suspension and a solid frame.

The brakes are also impressive, with the abs processing many data. For example, ABS does not work allways the same, it reads the speed of the bike (not only the wheels) and acts accordingly moddulating the braking (that's how I undestand it: if you are at 40kmh or 120kmh)
He likes braking both on and off road, but specially in wet condition.

Engine is very sweet. It doesn't care if you're on 3rd, 4th or 5th gear.


Explanation of the TCS modes.
TCS is not too much intrussive. It allows enough play to control the bike.

The position standing is perfect. Ideal to ride fast off road. Can be guided with the knees and it follows trajectories nice.
Explanation of ABS trick.

OK, that's the translation from somebody that doesn´t speeks very good italian nor english .
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