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A few great name idea's ! Keep them coming. As it's not just myself planning-riding-mapping this trail the decision is not mine alone but I'll take all the idea's and run them by the group.

Some very good suggestions about roadbook versus gps routes. Based on your input and discussions we've had we think that it should be a mix of Gps routes (not tracks) for the more road orientated days and roadbook for the offroad days. On the roadbook days we'll include a few waypoints in case you get offtrack, the waypoint will indicate which tulip on the roadbook it corrisponds to.

When you download the files it will come with a word document. The word doc will have the route broken down into logical days. Each day will have a description of what to expect (terrain wise, sites to see, lodging, laundry, gas locations, etc). Having this printed off or on your laptop should make for some good info about what to expect for the next day. I enjoy historical stuff so I'll try to add in some relevant info about the area you'll be riding through.

A few good trips are planned and it would appear as if Newfoundland, Labrador and all or most of Ontario will be completed this season. That only leaves Quebec for next season. I believe it's a realisic goal of having the eastern half completed by next fall and ready for distribution that winter.

Thanks again for your input !
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