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Originally Posted by stinkyfishy
How about the 4C route (Canadian Coast to Coast to Coast) assuming you will be routing up to the arctic at some point. :)

I like your original premise which was a guy on a adventure tourer (not a dirt bike with bags) which means the highly technical stuff is a no-no.

But if the route could be mostly gravel or back roads (that includes paved but twisty) then great!

I think it would be important to schedule the 4C to swing though a town/city every few hundred kms...not just for gas but to also allow riders the option to shuttle past certain sections of the trail by joining up to highway. Obviously you guys wouldn't need to map those spots :)

That would be the best of both worlds IMHO.

Keep up the great work!!!

Some good suggestions. We're hoping that a travel enduro bike (klr, ktm adv, bmw gs, etc) will be completely able to ride this route. My guess at this point is a breakdown of something along these lines
50 % gravel roads
20 % double track gravel roads
15 % rail trails
10 % "off roading"
5 % pavement

The offroading should be suitable albeit challenging for a bigger bike ;). Heck it wouldn't be much fun without a bit of adventure.

Is a rail trail offroading ? Sure I suppose, although they usually don't have steep hills, sharp corners, etc but they often have old bridges, loose rocky or sandy surfaces, pot holes, water, etc

How hard is the offroading ? Nothing crazy, we aren't interested in making this a motocross route. NO single track, no water crossing deeper than front wheel (of course this is hard to judge but we're doing our best to make this realistic, entire sections are being omitted because of one quesionable water crossing :( ). A lot of this could be described as atv type trails.

What's a double track gravel road ? A road open to the public, non paved and only wide enough for one car. Surfaces are often close to offroading in terrain. These types of roads are perfect and if they were available across the entire country I'd be tempted to make an entire route out of them. But these roads are unique to certainly areas so we trying our best to include as many of them as possible.

What's a gravel road ? Big, wide and dusty :). The surface can be challenging when freshly graded but other than that they are fairly straight forwad terrain wise. The Trans Labrador Highway will be included in the route as well as several long gravel roads through northern Ontario.
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