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So the bikes are loaded and ready to go Thursday night...The weather has been beautiful all week and we're excited and ready to go...Friday morning I wake up and what do I see outside??

Ugh, I hate riding in the rain. You can call me a wuss, et al, I don't give a rat's ass. I've had a couple of miserable experiences riding in the rain and don't care for it. I'll do it if needed but it's not on my list of favorite activities...

We enjoy breakfast in Jackson and head up Highway 88 towards Pioneer as I have the RidgeRunner 200 tracks loaded in the devil box and we're going to use them to cut from Highway 88 over to Highway 4 near Bear Valley. Sounds easy right? That's what I thought. Of course checking and double checking the routes the night before didn't work somehow and the first half of the route is missing from my 60Csx...

No big deal, we'll just cruise some forest service roads past Salt Springs Reservoir and find our way over to where the second half of the route starts. Then we'll be home free right? Wrong!!

Here is the Husky next to a stream on the way out of Pioneer...

Here is Redog1 contemplating a good place to take a dump after all the coffee at breakfast...You did remember toilet paper right??

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