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A lot of frustration and....

Originally Posted by lionsroaar
The portion of the trip from Highway 88 to Highway 4 should have been about 2-3 hours...Instead it turned into double that and I was running on fumes...I'll be taking a couple of MSR fuel canisters with me on the TAT but figured my stock fuel tank would be fine for this trip. After backtracking numerous times to find our way around snow blocked trails, trees down, dead end roads, etc we found ourselves at a fairly deep creek which was flowing nicely...
Our trail was supposed to continue on the other side and should route us directly South to Highway 4. I made my way through the creek, nailing a large rock with the front wheel and almost going down while Redog1 followed right behind. We found ourselves at another dead end (the GPS was wrong again...Ugh) and had to follow some other knobby tracks to find Highway 4.
It all ended up well but was a bit frustrating while worrying about my bike running out of gas in BFE. We hit Highway 4 and headed back down the hill to Camp Connell to pick up some petrol and a few snacks...I also ended up with a six pack of Fat Tire in my backpack...Hmm, I wonder how that got there??
patience was running out. It took 6 hours to get a cumalitive of 50-60 miles from where we started I'm just glad it all worked out in the end. After filling up lionsroaar had 1/2 gallon of gas remaing and I had 2 gallons. Wether you like the KLR or not, you have to love the fuel capacity of that pig
No, I don't know where that road goes, let's find out!
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