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This could become a good thread. I understand your interest.
You have Passion first on your long list.
Without passion the emotion will never come through to others.
You mentioned larryboy and some of his stuff. What you read with larryboy is he himself, and that's rare.
Correct spaling isn't even needed, if the person can expose their expeience to others in a real and raw manner - what it really is.
Some riders enjoy writing, while many others feel like it's a trip to the dentist.
Truthful experiences, as seen thru that rider's mind, is what I enjoy. Self promotion and obvious exaggeration is...obvious.
As far as writing styles go, the campfire method, telling a good story to others at a campfire, seems to work well. Just letting it out as you would tell your good tale to somebody.

For some, it may have been a dark and stormy night.....but for one soul it could've been sucking the last juices from a can of Vienna sausages while living under a small tarp during a relentless downpour. I want to know if he cut his tongue on the lip of the can, and it if was regular or cajun flavored.
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