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Originally Posted by Pantah
That race was the end of the 'National'. It was Pro Thunder, which really was a deep undercard. I mean the top guys were mostly club champs. Bob Bahre stood up there in the heat of the boycott and offered $25 thousand dollars to the winner of that race. The guy's who imagined themselves as professionals stayed in the garages out of peer shit. What a joke. The truth is that with the exception of maybe 3 riders, they were all grid fillers. None of them ever made their mark as a motorcycle racer.

A local kid by the name of Chris Arbor won that race. He rode his Dad's Duc 748 street bike out of Riverside Kawasaki in Somerville. It was quickly converted for the Pro Thunder opportunity, since his dad was a tuner in the shop. Chris normally rode an R6 in club races.

Maybe 20 starters took the grid. It was one of the most remarkable races I have ever seen in my life. The Arbor kid wanted that $25k and won it going away in driving rain. He crashed 3 times and picked up. It was freakin' awesome! To this day, I love Chris Arbor and I've never even met him. He left the sport after his masterpiece. But he made his mark on me!
This is a picture of the front row before the start of that race. I was working for the rider on the 21 bike, Tom Hull out of Arizona. He finished a distant third having never raced in the rain before...that don't happen in Arizona!

He was having fun down the front straight:

OK, sorry for the hijack and back to the Superbikes!
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