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Exploratory surgery (Phase three). Airbox removal.

Previously I showed the pictures of the side panel removal and the fuel tank pivoting.
The fuel tank must obviously be tilted up to allow access to clean the airfilter/s which, if the bike is to be used off road with any regularity, I suggest you familiarise yourself with this procedure.

In Australia they (Yamaha Australia) have removed the factory paper filter and replaced it with foam sock filters with spring inners to retain shape.
I dont know why this was done or who's idea it was but I comment them.
I much rather clean and oil foam filters than be stuck with unservicable paper ones.

Once the fuel tanks is tilted the top of the airbox can be removed.
Apart from the obvious 8 or 10 screws around the perimeter of the cover there is also one sneaky little screw underneath the rubber bung shown in the pic below.

Of course you new I could not go this far without taking the airbox completely out to see what it looks like underneath.

The pic below shows the factory paper filter and the replacement unit as delivered for Australian spec bikes.

The intake to the airbox is just above the spark plugs (which by the way have really neat little individual coil on caps) so this will give an indication of the possible fording height.

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