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Hats off for this hands on WSM in pictures

Originally Posted by Wasp
In Australia they (Yamaha Australia) have removed the factory paper filter and replaced it with foam sock filters with spring inners to retain shape.
I dont know why this was done or who's idea it was but I comment them.
It's a technical neccesity with the fine sanddust of australia, a paper filter would clog up verry fast, and would let more micronsised particles truogh.
A oiled foam filter works by not really filtering the air, but by letting the air change direction in sharp corners, so the sand particles (and other junk) effectivily are flying out of the corners in the filter and get cought on the sticky surface, so you get cleaner and in time more air into your engine.

Actually a dutch invention, made to a huge succes in the 70's by Twin-Air in the cross-scene, and basing on the ageold centifugal filter like you find in the Honda 350 of the 70's for the oil, it costs a little more time then just putting in a new paperfilter, but longivity wise its better, but only if cleaned and oiled *regularly* according to usage, if your doing extensive sandblasting every day with the bike check it every week, if your a road rider every other small maintenance.

ANd about the heated grips, take a look at the Hein Gericke offering, its a nice 4 grades heating controlled with a pushswitch control with colored leds so even in darkness well adjustable.
Bit bulky leads, but nice and warm even at -20 like last winter over here, and just 40€.
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