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Originally Posted by barnyard
Very, very cool.

Another thought would be organizing the trail or maps or waypoints into say, 1 week travel blocks. That would give users an idea of how long things should be taking and would maybe give someone realistic expectations of what could be accomplished during a typical vacation.

Another advantage to having the route available with GPS formatting would be the ease that others could add trail, replace trail that gets paved or provide go-arounds for bridge outages or logging road changes.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

I would also think that if you do get around to publishing a road book or roll chart, that you might look to the chambers of commerce or tourism boards to help with funding. Once this is done, it could breathe new life into some smaller towns.

Cool, cool, cool.

Tom B

Some good idea's thanks Tom.
When we publish it, our intent is to have a series of files for download or that we bundle and email out.

Roadbook files that you can print out yourself and either tape them together for a roadbook or have someone print them for you on a continous roll.

A google earth file that will enable you to see the entire route and zoom in to see specific locations. This can be used fairly easily to copy over to a paper map if you choose.

Some gpx files for the days or sections that we choose not to roadbook (the more easily navagated days).

A word document broken down into a day by day (or section depending on terrain) describing a "what to expect", etc. It's hard to breakdown into days as people's riding time, speed they ride, stops, etc all vary.

Based on receiving the above informaion we feel the route should be navigated without problems. Going over the provided information would also enable you to just pick a section based on terrain and location for a "typical week or two" vacation. Maybe folks will break it down and complete the route in "chunks", who knows. We hope people will ride the entire route, this is the intent and will let you see Canada from coast to coast. The people and the landscapes change dramatically as you cross the country.

As the route will be free there should be no reason not to have the most recent "version" of the route before heading off on your trip. We hope to receive input from those of you who ride the route as to any changes needed or sections that get blocked,paved, watered out, etc so we can make changes to the files we distribute. Most of the route takes public roads so we don't anticipate any changes, the rail trails have been there for many years and unless bikes loose their access rights the route should be pretty stable. We're doing our best to keep the route from utilizing roads-areas that are subjectable to road-trail closures. This seems to be an issue in some area's with logging and mining companies who decommision a road once they are done with it or who end up "owning" or building the road and restrict access to it with gates, etc
We're steering clear of these area's, sometimes at the expense of some great riding, for the simple reason that we don't want to be continually changing the route.
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