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For the 1st time since the beginning of April I have a flat. Not a hospital, or crashing in someones shed, not sleeping in the woods (either with or without tent), not temporary accomodation which would be taken away at any moment. Not even really a 'home', but a place where I can stay while I sort the rest of my shitty life out. Somewhere that won't be taken away next week. I have landed. In other news I've got regular access to the Shedquarters, and have managed to complete the worlds worst woodwork project by building a roofed extension to the front, and doubling the size. Now, don't get me wrong, it's still a teeny* weeny blip compared to some of the mega sheds I see some of you people have, but to me it's my shed. Frankly, if this place hadn't come up I could have lived in the shed, I've lived in worse. But I got this flat instead. Now all I've got to do is get a few audio/video bits out of storage & start recording an album of cover versions, simply for the pleasure of it... *The inclusion of this word alone will get this thread monitored :-D
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