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Originally Posted by WARRIORPRINCEJJ

After my SE sat for about two months (while I put-in 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there installing the H2W jet kit and pre-filter), I was patting myself on the back for not having any "extra" pieces leftover. Then, I went to the gas station, to fill-up the tank, and realized that I did not re-attach the fuel tank lid vent hose.

Here is my problem...

Over the last coupla' months, while working on the bike, I have been keeping an orderly pile of bolts, washers, hoses, carb. internals, etc. To re-install everything, I just went backwards. Well, I never came-upon the above hose, during the re-install. So, what did I do with it?

I searched my ever-growing collection of hoses, and found a long (thin) amount of hose that is attached to a short (fatter) amount of hose...via a small white connection.

Is this my hose? What I meant to ask was, is the above combination of hoses the one that I am looking for? If it is, where does the thicker portion attach?

Thanks in advance...

P.S.- By the way, I have been looking at SE pictures, trying to figure this one out on my luck.

Your fuel vent hose is likely tucked under your gas tank. I made a similar mistake when re-assembling mine, but caught it before I had it all back together.

Since the vent hose just runs blindly down the front-ish of the bike, I would just pop on another and tuck it somewhere where it won't melt or get caught in moving parts...then recover the original vent hose the next time you take the tank off.
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