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Originally Posted by veetwo _tls
what size is the fuel line ?
1/4" - 6mm (inside diametre) fuel line hose ?
veetwo, I wish I could help you. If you had caught me about three weeks ago, I woulda' taken a dial caliper to it/them. You were talking about the lines that run from the junction (inside the airbox) to each carb...right?

Originally Posted by dibdob69
Has anyone got a link on How to service the SE or is it exactly the same as a 950 Adventure ?
Man, I looked everywhere for a link, but couldn't find one that worked for me. Eventually, I bought the KTM CD, which supposedly covers the 2003-2008 950/990 Adventure/S, 990 Super Duke/R, 950/990 Supermoto/R, and the 950 Super Enduro. In my very humble opinion, the CD isn't worth a shit for SE owners...The SE seems to be more of an afterthought (if that) in the text and photos.

If it weren't for Ken's (Head2Wind) video, and his assistance, I would've never made it. I have the mechanical skills of a mushroom.

Originally Posted by HickOnACrick
Your fuel vent hose is likely tucked under your gas tank. I made a similar mistake when re-assembling mine, but caught it before I had it all back together.

Since the vent hose just runs blindly down the front-ish of the bike, I would just pop on another and tuck it somewhere where it won't melt or get caught in moving parts...then recover the original vent hose the next time you take the tank off.
Thanks Hick. I figured that was what I did. Like you mentioned, I wasn't going to mess with it...I was just going to re-route it, especially since I already had everything buttoned-up (and never want to see a wrench again...ever).

Well, I see you made it to Texas. Holla' at me if you find yourself down near San Antone sometime...

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