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Here @ MFM Head Office (yes, I know he says his end is head office but...) I have been mostly getting my bad boxers headlight main beam to work. No, it wasn't the bulb. What'd happened was that the yellow wire which feeds back from the left hand switchgear to the contact board had burned right through halfway down in the aformentioned test ride* short out/electrical fire (small), i.e. all other feeds gave me continuity - that one didn't.

I was able to eliminate the switch itself as I got continuity through it in the main beam position (having dismanted the unit to get at the wires) so it was working fine. In the end I've simply run a (wrongly non diagram coloured now blue**) wire along the outside of the switchgear loom to replace the dead one, and all seems fine. There are a couple of other wires which have obviously got hot & melted the insulation, but heatshrink tubing & a heat gun solved that just fine. For now. In the process I removed the indicator switch unit & arm & sealed the snipped wires with heatshrink, both thru choice because I don't have indicators, and partly because my frazzed brain couldn't get the insides of the left hand unit back in successfully with the indicator switch mechanism in place, and I'd already pulled the horn switch mounting cradle apart trying to get (what I believe is referred to as) a quart into a pint pot, or the other way round, I'm all metric you know?

Does any of this make sense?!?, come in houston!?!

Luckily, what with me having less than half a brane DittybluDude passed by & verified my thinking over the wiring prior to the commencement of hacking, just so I knew I wasn't entirely nuts deep up the wrong bush so to speak, which is a technical term, and as you'll have observed by now is very much a possibility when it comes to the high standards I set my self for my work... Note to self, reconnect the fuel lines to the taps when you've been working under the tank... I didn't try to start it, but I'm so gormless I wouldn't have spotted it (unless that mug of mikless sweet tea had arrived just when it did) because I am a twat.

'All' I have to do for the MOT is get a white plate illumination light running, as the LEDs in the bottom of my tail light (which is above the plate) have given up the ghost, and as I sealed the unit with supersteel glue to get it properly vibration proof/support the number plate type mounted I can't get in there to investigate. I've got something in a box somewhere that'll do it, and all will be well with the world, or at least the 10 feet surrounding me at any one point in time. Ok, not 'well with the world' as such, but at least not on fire.

There are lots more mota-sickles on the road round these parts now. It's 'the season' as they call it, & all those (overly) lovely low mileage machines that spend all winter unused are coming out to play. Predictably this leads to a lot of accidents as riders forget they've not ridden since last september and that their R1 they were never good enough to ride anyway is really not very forgiving when it comes to out of practice broadly incapable (compared to the capability of their bike) riders. They're all out in their Power Ranger matching leathers & stuff. Bloody twazzocks

* Look back & find it, I can't do everything for you.
* I didn't have any yellow. DBD tells me all his splices & additions went in blue, I think by my recollection the addition above may have been in blue wire too, but I'm not taking the lift down 3 floors to check - the lift is manufactured by Schindler, wait for it, wait for it, yes, it's Schindlers lift... Was it really worth the edit for that?
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