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Due to the prices in Scandinavia there’s a 4-storey liquor shop near the ferry in Puttgarden. To keep the weight down and the spirits high, I got me a bottle Tequila. Others used a forklift to load their vans with beer. That’s something you may see daily at your local Walmart, but in Germany it’s a fairly unfamiliar sight.

With the ferry from Puttgarden to Rødby and then from Helsingør to Helsingborg I arrived in Sweden, where I immediately almost crashed when exiting a roundabout. Someone had just put a solid layer of gravel on top of the asphalt. Well ok, everybody comes to Sweden for the gravel roads, so there’s no point complaining …

This night was my first night in the new tent and I wanted to see how it would compare to my old dome tent which I loved and which had toured with me since 1994. In the night I learned to hate its tunnel design, as I had to use more and more pegs to keep the canvas from buffeting.

The next two days I was driving through the forest. Not many hills, a lake here and there. Barely a bend in the road and a foreseeable speed trap on each intersection.
Things immediately changed when I turned away from the coast near Lulea and met this guy on the road.

It was my first reindeer, so allow me some excitement. And it only took 10 more kilometers to get a different view on them: “Oh yeah, reindeer, they’re a plague up here.”

Further north in Finland a rusty structure called for a photo of the bike. (By the way, that huge top box was almost empty, I kept it for groceries or locking my jacket when away from the bike.)

Then it was getting colder, so I grabbed my stuffed rain coverall. Now while it is comfy and warm, they should have sold it together with some yoga exercises. Getting in required some flexing. If you’ve ever find yourself in one of these tiny rest room cubicles where the toilet paper is located -behind- you, you’ll understand what I mean.

In the evening I started looking for a spot to set up my tent. Only when I stopped to pee, I noticed the midges all around me. I hate them! So I decided to ride on northwards, speculating that eventually they will disappear in the colder climate.
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