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Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Campout by LadyDraco

So for this weekend's events, I opted for a more friendly and low key celebration of our national independence. LadyDraco invited folks down to her farm outside Tazewell, VA for a long weekend of riding, friends and food.


I left work Friday around 2:30 and had a nice ride down to the campout via a similar route I took last year to byob. Cruised 81 to 64 then jumped off at Exit 181 for White Sulphur Springs. Rode past the Greenbriar which was packed with 4th of July traffic. Turned at Caldwell onto 63 toward Organ Cave then down 219. Stopped in Union for a shot or this memorial seen entering town from the north

And south some ways to the Indian Creek Covered Bridge

Indian Creek flows to the Mississippii. Cool!

Old Skool

Scooted to Rich Creek and rode 460 to 61. Here is shot of the New River by the town of Narrows

61 of my new favorites . It follows Wolf Creek for 30 miles or more. The temperature fell to the upper 70's as I twisted the throttle through the 35mph sweepers at nearly double that. One car passed me in a 10 mile stretch of riding bliss.

After a little difficulty finding the proper road (I didn't go far enough by 50ft and rode up someone elses driveway on the previous road), I pulled in and was greeted by LD and HB. They were happy to see I made it. They then proceeded to show me around and poke fun at my ninja-roll new-to-me hammock (thanks Manganos! )

I got the tour of the infamous cart!

Then enjoyed a wonderful meal with myriad of LD's salads

And broke in the new fire pit built especially for this campout

Now for my first night sleeping in a hammock
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