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Sunday July 4, 2010

Sunday morning shone with the light of another gloriously hot day. The temperature was warmer overnight at a comfy 60 degrees. I slept well in my ninja-roll and was not turned into a bear snack or raccoon curiosity

LD had her homemade danish roll and some commerical ones as well (which were snubbed by the group)

I was tasked with leading the ride to Breaks Interstate Park. Lets hope I don't end up in Welch again

Stopping for gas, Mike fit in great with the locals.


My View:

Led the way uneventfully to Breaks. The lineup outside the visitor center.

Inside the center they had some interesting local displays.

An old copper still with bmwew1 posing behind it

Fascinating to see birds of prey in person. These would be illegal in private hands.

Strike a pose George Washington

Its ME!

Rode through the park

Then exited North via 80. Very interesting cliffs and geology along this road.

Got lost on purpose but eventually found our way back toward Cumberland, KY.

Notice the string of Harleys in this Independence Day ride.

Oh...and the goofball front and center

I led the way up to Kingdom Come State Park. I had visited here during BYOB and always wanted to continue along the "primitive road" following the ridgeline. This was my opportunity

Enjoed the view and I cooked some beans while bmwew1 had some tuna and crackers.

This road was awesome. Single lane, twisty and lush. The temperature was a refreshing mid eighties.

We fueled up in Lynch, he pushed his tank to about 200mi (farthest he has gone so far) but we both made it. I was averaging better than 50mpg even with our antics up and down the mountain roads. Yeah, we were extra-legal at times

Set east back to camp via 160 with a short stop in Lynch to check out the old mine and Portal 31.

Remember folks:

bmwew1 looking quite chipper

We demolished the twisties wearing down the tires as we crossed over the highest point in KY and back into VA.

It was an uneventful but long ride back to camp to be there in time for dinner with the crew. Narrowly missed a speeding ticket on 19. Good times.

bmwew1 checking out the Valks.

And putting the kitteh' in The Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Campout

A bevy of multi-flavored sausages grilled on an applewood fire. Great flavor HB!

The dinner spread prepared by LD and FluteSong. Once again, thanks for the hard work!

Red sky at night...riders delight

LD serving some of her families old cheesecake recipe

It was TO-DIE-FOR along with coffee and FluteSong's Oreo Surprise
The Ninja Approves

After the meal, the whole lot of us sat on the driveway still radiating heat to our backsides. The Tazewell Fireworks show exploded over the far ridge affording us the occasional red and green burst through trees on an opposite hill. 10 miles is just the distance I like to be from crowds, children and all that nonsense. After the long day of riding and tomfoolery, we all turned in relatively early before 11.

I slept like a log...
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