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Originally Posted by Velocibiker
But that's exactly my point. It's YOUR set-up. Works great for you and that's also great. If it works for others, to them too!

But how tall are you? What kind of helmet do you wear? How high is your seat? What other bits/parts are there to affect the wind?

I don't actually expect details, just making my point....

The more long road trips I make, the more I want/need something better. I'm happy as a clam up to about 60-65mph. After that, the aero properties just seem to break down.

So I have this old screen off my GPz1100 collecting dust and it's 'almost' the right size and bend. It already has the SAENG winglet mounts so I figure I'll just play around with that and see if I can make it work. I've managed to bend the screen a bit more so it matches the curve of the OE screen. Now I'm tring to create an adjustable mounting system. Work is slow as it's not that high on my priority list of things to get done, but it'll happen some day.
I see what you mean completely, but at the same time you may be over engineering it a bit? Put it on, see how it works - add a spacer or two if needed IMO.

As I read your post I started to get ideas as to how to fab a adjustable bracket for my shield, then I thought why? If I want to redirect the air, I can adjust angle using the existing spacers - simple...

BTW, the odd angls and form of the f650 shield seem to assist in eliminating the turbulance som mant complain about with other shields as it allows air up and under too.

Of course I am the guy who thinks function comes BEFORE (fixed, thanks MP ) form too though...
- Michael

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