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Originally Posted by Dirtyboydeadly
I only want to borrow them in case of a spill friday week.
Of course, I imagined that was the the case. I know we've got some between us somewhere, you'll just have to replace them or equivalent (in bollock flesh) if you have a 2nd mishap and crunch ours too I've got some crash bars you can borrow if you want a little extra insurance? It's Pembrey you're at yeah? This map seems to me to be pre 2006, and if I remember rightly they may have inserted a little flip-flop chicane at turn 4 or 5?

On the other hand you may have said you were going to Anglesey? That's a bit of a shittier trip though.

Of course if you really cared about my health & well-being you'd find a little space for me in the van/car, or on the trailer? Don't forget that once you've done this track (whichever one it is) you'll only have all these (excluding Mallory Park) left to work thru

Originally Posted by Dirtyboydeadly
With regards to the other shite at over the top prices, It sounds like a plan as long as i can get them on tick and then default on the first payment
Ah well, no, I'm afraid after the unpleasant experience of the sale of the K75S to Astral and the problems I had with the (non) payment plan I'm afraid it's only cash up front now There might be nothing of interest but if I do get it done you can have a look at whatever goes in the pile.
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