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Motorcycles aren't dangerous...

...Camping in Idyllic settings is dangerous.

This is a semi-brief trip report of my and my buddy Ron's trip to Colorado this past weekend. Posted here, because, though I was on my F800, Ron is a newly-minted Jeep nut.

The trip was planned as a dual-purpose trip: we would go to just South of Rye on Thursday, see friends there, then bust out on Sunday and spend a couple days touring before blasting back on Tuesday.

The plan was for me to meet Ron in KC early on Thursday, crossload my sleeping bag (just because it's bulky) into the Jeep and head out. As timing would have it, my front TKC reached the point of cuppage that meant it was time for a new one, so KC meant a trip to Engle Motors, who hooked me up with fresh rubber for the trip.

Then it was down to Emporia, and across the vastness of KS.

The wheat harvest was in full swing: Luckily you can still (just) fit by a combine going the other direction on the hwy.
We made it to our campsite too late to get any good pics. Here's a daytime shot:

Like I said, the original plan was to hang out there, and roll out on Sunday. However, as soon as we woke up on Friday, the mountains started taunting us with their proximity.

We hung through Friday, then Saturday saw us packing up first thing.

Our tentative plan was to go south through Medano to the dunes, camping whenever it got late. We'e then work our way back around, Hit Hayden, then work our way North toward CO Springs, our eventual destination.
As it turns out, We then decided to go hit Hermit Pass first. We headed North toward Rye, past the tiny burb of Apache something:

More later, going to take the boy to see The Last Airbender...
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