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Originally Posted by Drowsy Dave
So, I've never been to Puckett's. Ridden by but never stopped for some reason. Are you saying that it's gone up scale now? Guess I screwed around and missed it.

In a way the same thing happened to the Loveless. Since the new owners took over and expanded it they're doing a booming business but the vibe has changed. Its morphed from a small local gem to a crowded tourist stop. Somehow the foods not as good either. Still pretty good, but it used to be "jump up and smack yer mama" good. First, the biscuit lady died and I guess going from 2 or 3 old ladies in the kitchen to a staff of 15 will change things.

Which is one of the things I'd love to see with this dinner thread...try and hit all of the little mom and pop treasures before they disappear.
Yep. Puckett's-Franklin has gone...well...Franklin. A tour-bus stop. Touristy-feeling. Etc... food is okay, but nothing special.

The reason for the title namesake is to accomplish just that. The kind of places you're talking about. Like Wendell's Meat-n-Three in W Nashville. But more out of the way.
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