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day two.....
another really nice day, no rain in sight, not too warm... gotta love it

I went for a walk before breakfast along the "sort of old road" (about 300 years old, as opposed to the Roman road which was off in the woods & much older).

these guys were making all kinds of noise.. hungry I suppose

number 3 & number 4

(number 1 & 2 had ended up at the breakfast table last year)

our first night accommodation

the local church


at breakfast we met an interesting couple and out of the blue the wife asks "have you watched the new battlestar?" and then "who does he look like?" pointing at her husband.... turns out they are the mum & dad of James Callis, which I found interesting (and the son does look like dad as well).

we headed south towards Dorchester to hit a bank, and then on to Weymouth. I was going to try and swing past Hardy's Monument,

but took a wrong turn. I think our host was impressed I knew who Hardy was , ah well, next time.

on down to the coast

and along the coast road past Abbotsbury


more of the coast

and this looney behind me

BMW powered... says he has one w/ a Guzzi engine too

got Joe an appropriate energy drink....

tastes like crap.. we stuck to Red Bull after that

we went to the Salisbury Plain, and saw Stonehenge

we then pointed ourselves north again, and ended up at the gateway to the Cotswolds.. literally in the town of Burford.

some beer, some diner, and a walk about town, and we were done.
only 160 miles more... and just like the day before, it seemed like more
ah well, lets flip the TV on and see some local shows

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