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Originally Posted by planktonnn
Sorry Dan, you seem to have a fault on your computer keyboard, you appear to have broken the bit that makes it say 'Of course there's space for you in the van my good fellow, hop on in'

Ah, Anglesy... last time I went there I got thrown off the 'island'. I'll have a look for the rocker covers later , if I've got none then I know a pair went to the MFM Western Regional Office & I'll see if I can borrow them back? It occured to me that you might want to grab my paddock stands too maybe?
why would you want to stay in the monster truck??? now you have a flat???
Are the stands looking for a good home or just "borrowing"
P.S. you want a 125
I did better than pete with regards to getting a bike for a few pennies ie free,
Currently had 5 offers for 650 since putting it on last night. That will pay for my tyres and 3 yes 3 wheel bastard bearings oh and my 84 in a 70 speeding ticket bastard bastards
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