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Originally Posted by Plaka

A low mileage (sub 30K) bike that has some nice mods (Konis, fork brace, H4, side and maybe ceenterstand, etc.) but that has been sitrting unused for a long time in the back of a barn and is cosmetically challenged is a good find. If the motor turns over when you push it and clutch seems to work the rest won't kill ya. Rebuilding carbs, brakes and forks, a battery, tires, uphostery, paint, clean and lube, some cables and so on; all easy. Rebuilding a rear drive, resplining a rear wheel, rebuilding heads, transmission work---much more costly as you have to send that stuff out if you want it right.

Even if you find a low mileage bike with upgrades, you still gotta be careful. As I know you know already, 30K is considered by many of us to be "Just barely broken in" for an Airhead but if the bike has that kinda mileage and has been sitting in a garage or barn for years, resuscitation can prove to be very expensive for a novice without spares on the shelf. Possible? Yep! But with oil filters costing $24 and all of the other spares going through the roof, I'd recommend a low mileage runner as a first Airhead. Bikes are always more fun to own if you can ride em!

Of course, if the buyer has some mechanical smarts and a decent allowance to spend, why not?

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